The Idaho Episcopal Foundation began overseeing Diocesan investments in 1997. Today we manage approximately $5 million for 20 parishes, The Episcopal Church in Idaho, and the Foundation, as well as a few other Diocesan organizations. As part of our investment services, we also help parishes develop endowment funds to provide ongoing financial support for their congregations.

Investment Services

Our Investments Committee works with professionals from Gem State Investment Advisors to ensure that funds are invested wisely. There are two investment accounts: a Balanced Account and an Income Account.

The Balanced Account contains diocesan, parish and foundation money. These funds are invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with the majority of assets in stocks.

The Income Account contains diocesan and parish money. These funds are also invested in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with the majority of assets held in bonds.

The Balanced Account has a somewhat higher risk profile than the Income Account.

Because all assets are held in the stock and bond markets, they are subject to gains and losses. As such, earning are not guaranteed. The cumulative return between 2005 — 2016 has been 89.2%.

Guided by the Episcopal Church’s commitment to socially responsible investing, the IEF does not invest in companies whose activities are contrary to our social and moral values. Here is a list of companies subject to the No-buy Portfolio Restrictions published by The Episcopal Church.

The Investments Committee members are well-versed in smart distribution strategies from investment accounts and can explain the relative risks of distributing money on different schedules and accounts. Please contact us if you would like to meet with a committee member to discuss a distribution strategy and budget considerations.

Parish Endowments

The IEF is committed to helping parishes and other Diocesan organizations establish, invest, and grow their permanent endowment funds. An endowment is the accumulation of assets and resources managed for the long-term to provide ongoing financial support to your parish for capital expenses or in the event of unexpected expenses or income shortfalls.

Our Gifts and Bequests Committee assists parishes with the development and management of endowments funds. Members are available for a consultation if your parish is interested in learning more about endowments through the IEF.